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One tree. Two souls that are more each other than themselves. Welcome to more_myself.

"fraaaances!", "i like windows", "i love you potoula", "oh! i needed that.", 18th century, abysses, accents, attempting the yorkshire accent, avoiding the void, bach, beethoven, being innocent, being medicine for each-other, being possessive, being refined and modest, being responsible, black, blue screens, blueberry bagels, bondage wrists, bonny lads, boxing day, brainwaves, bronte, brooding, broody weather, brooooooooooooooooooooooood, buttons, changing heaven, chauvelin, cherries, chickens, chocolate ice cream, cliff richard, clinging, collections of memoranda, compilation soudtracks, compromising, contradiction, corpses, crossdressing, cuddling pears, double meanings, eating renate's hair, ech!, edgar's hair, emoticons, endless e) to e)s, facial hair of doom, feathers, finding connections everywhere, finding relief, fog, foghorns, fruit, getting our jollies, ghosts, gothic musicals, gothic novels, graves, graveyards, greenpeace, grrrrr!, gypsies, hearses, heathcliff, hindley's wigofnightmares, human blankets, indeed, inkwells, interpretive dance, jake's cake, jane eyre, jolly green pants, keeping warm!, lightning, long hair, lush, manipplelation, marriage of figaro, master bedrooms, matching icons, mental music videos, metaphorical irony, mist, moors, mozart, multitasking, musk, mwd syndrome, nerdiness, new york accent, not being parted, obsession, ohteapee, othello complexes, otp, otreep, our apartment in liverpool!, pears, pee of hatred, pee time, personality tests, phantom of the opera, phone adventures, pillows, ploughboys, power squatting, power stances, psshhhhhhhht, pugent smells, rain, ribbons, sheep, shower windows, sixth-grade-necklaces, soulmates, starbucks, stealing lisa's makeup, stormclouds, storms, strangling edgar, sweet dreams, symbolism, synchronized cackling, teacups, teal, the body shop, the church of gothicness, the evil red wig, the one tree, the scarlet pimpernel, the secret garden, the snack isle, thunder, tormenting, torturing, trees, typing one-handedly, ukulele of angst, unbelievable coincidences, unfortunate accidents, white nightdresses, wind, windows, wolfish men, writing, wuthering heights, yorkshire